Pandemic Christmas

Like many of you, I was ready to Christmas up my house very early this year and got going in mid November. And I might leave it up well into January because: anything to help get through a raging pandemic + incompetent government response is ok. (And if decorating or celebrating is too much this year, I get that…no judgement at all from me, just survive everyone ok?)

We even went with a real tree this year for those real tree smells, the downsides being no one would sell me one before Nov 27 and I may be celebrating Inauguration Day next to a dead tree, but whatever. This is the first time we had a non-flocked live tree, so first time with GREEN and I gotta say, it’s really working in this room of rock and wood, especially with new room divider. I love it. Most ornaments are vintage but starburst tree topper is from Crate and Barrel :) The vintage aluminum tree is again up in the den. Just a few simple decorations in the kitchen and entry. Here’s a sneak peek at our new fridge/cabinet situation…
One of the things topping the smile to effort ratio this year is the ornaments on my cacti and agaves haha. Even when you factor in the sleepless nights when the wind kicks up and I think I’m showering glass all over the sidewalk by irresponsibly using glass ornaments outside (it’s a long dumb story but plastic ones don’t have large enough openings to fit over my monster agaves…). This is the backyard:
This is the my view out the kitchen window to the front yard: After dark we have our usual wild exterior Christmas flood lights glowing, and last year we added a 10 foot C9 light tree to the mix too. We’re officially locked down through Christmas here in California so I’m extra thankful for a festive house right now…there could be worse coping mechanisms, right?? Wishing you all a safe and healthy December holiday season!


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