I didn’t intend to take a nearly year long break from this blog, but here we are. Hi! It’s Christmas again! Gonna try to squeeze a few posts in before the year is over and pretend like I never left.

First up: Christmas cheer/crap around the house!

Look at THIS BIG BOY. Last year Rusty was a little dude who ate aluminum trees. Now he weighs just shy of 100lbs and only chews up real Christmas trees.

If you are wondering, the stockings are hung with….TAPE. Clear scotch tape. It easily peels off in January.

Happy holidays to you and yours!


2 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS AGAIN

  1. I subscribe to your blog in a feed reader and was thrilled to see a new post. Welcome back! Your readers are still here 😊 Looking forward to seeing more from you!


  2. Hi there, always look forward to your pictures. I am intrigued by the painting in your dinette area, did you paint that one? Thanks,


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