Christmas Light Tree

Our front yard Christmas light pole tree got a big upgrade this year with LED C9 bulbs that look just like old school incandescents from Tru-Tone. Last year I waited too long to purchase and they sold out so I made sure to order in October this go round. I knew I would like them, but it’s a joke how happy these bulbs make me. Not at all sponsored, by the way, just a fan of a great product. FINALLY SOMEBODY MADE THE THING WE ALL WANT.

They are a splurge but for vintage Christmas lovers, so worth it. Because you know what else is a splurge? Running vintage C9s every year. Our exterior Christmas lighting is now 100% LED (info on our red and green floods here) without a sad cool tone in sight. A Christmas miracle!

I went with the Classicolor ceramic style bulbs and though the classic red/green/blue/orange/white color mix is tempting, I could not pass up yellow, turquoise or pink!!

The pole itself is made of two tree stakes held together with a PVC plumbing coupling. The top coupling is grooved to hold the light strands in place. It can take some trial and error to get the math worked out, so for reference this pole is 11′ tall and uses 4 strands of 25 lights staked at a 3′ radius around the base.

Alternatively, in previous years we have screwed the poles together and used screw hooks around the top to hold the light strands, blurry pic below:

We moved the tree to the front of the house this year instead of the corner so we could enjoy the warm glow from inside. The Christmas time views from the kitchen windows are something else!

The palm tree got a few strands too :)

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One thought on “Christmas Light Tree

  1. Bought some Tru-Tone earlier this year when you mentioned it and couldn’t be happier. I am so picky about LED lights and have been using C9s for years – cannot tell the difference with these, except for efficiency. Love!


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