Diamond Chair Cover Thoughts

I think I need to start a blog post category just called “Chairs and their Covers.” I have a problem. You may remember that I bought this dream vintage Bertoia diamond chair a few months ago but the pumpkin-orange original cushion cover was unexpectedly unsalvageable. It was immediately clear that this was a job beyond my sewing abilities/wants. I thought about having an upholsterer do it but I wasn’t at all excited about putting forth the effort of finding fabric on my own or getting on my upholsterer’s long list or paying the high price I was expecting. Are you catching the lazy vibe I’m throwing down? Clicking buttons on a computer sounded so much better so on the suggestion of some IG friends, I purchased a reproduction cover from an ebay seller. I’m here to share the details in case you are A.) in the same boat B.) lazy and C.) can’t afford a billion dollar replacement from Knoll!

You can find the seller right here. They manufacture other Bertoia cover replacements for those large diamonds, birds, and ottomans too! The cost for a regular diamond chair cover came in under $200 after shipping and, although it took months to arrive, for the price and convenience, I’m generally happy. The fabric and construction are good enough, though obviously the quality of the original and Knoll replacements I’m sure are on another level. The cushion ships folded in half, so that right there sets it apart from the completely molded foam originals which are shaped perfectly to that curve. A bit of manipulating is required to get this cover into place and the results is wrinkled areas on the back sides. Sad, as that back view is the best view! The fit is actually pretty decent from the front.My biggest worry was that the fabric would be cheap looking and in an off color. I picked a vivid dark orange from their fabric choices (Persimmon) and, while not as nubby or as thick as my adorable original, it has some texture and is better than expected. The color is surprisingly great! The foam itself is thinner, which I’m fine with, but it arrived with a few areas where the foam isn’t totally adhered to the fabric causing bubbling. And a few more bubbles popped up within a few days of fitting it to the chair. Not ideal, but you only see it in certain lights and it’s not a deal breaker for my lazy butt.The tether system is my biggest complaint, being rigged a bit differently and not hidden. On the originals, one piece of twine encircles the entire cover and clips inconspicuously under the seat. This cover has two tethers that need to clip at the sides, the angles of which are not at all forgiving when trying to hide the clips. The look is super clunky and the one thing I would change if I could!Some shots of the original for comparison. (Does anybody want it for a pattern/other reason? Foam is lumpy/deteriorating and there is slight smoke smell but if you still have a use for it, hit me up!)Overall, for the price and especially THE LACK OF WORK ON MY PART, I’m happy with the purchase!

I’m really just so thankful to have this chair.

I’m basically exactly this at minute 1:50…

But no really, ashtray/lamp/chair hits a little too close to home.


Seven Magic Mountains

Heeeey there! No house projects today, just a rainbow of rocks! Last weekend, my husband and I took a quick trip to Las Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas rockabilly festival. I never leave Las Vegas loving the city, but the music was great and we made the most of our time. We stayed at the Delano, which for a LV hotel was actually wonderful, ate at our random favorite 24 hour sushi restaurant, saw THE STRAY CATS (sooooo good oh my goodness I love you guys!!!), and visited Seven Magic Mountains.

The Stray Cats obviously topped the weekend, but Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains is not to be missed! I’ve driven past multiple times, always in a rush, and I’m so glad we decided to slow down and get out this time. Human marking on the land has always fascinated me and man building weird stuff in the harsh desert is the apex. The installation is truly beautiful, massive, and totally worth a stop. I couldn’t wait to get home and google the actual build process (here you go!). When we visited on a busy Friday afternoon, it was a sea of selfies, but even so there was a lot of solitude up close beneath the boulders. The most photogenic boulders ever. These are cell phone photos; imagine what a “real” camera would do with these ice cream scoops! If you need a nudge to pull of the 15, the intended short-lived sculpture is only guaranteed to remain up through the end of the year, though plans are underway to extend the installation.

(Homeschool parents: I just found some STEAM related lessons for K-12! Even more excuses for a visit!)

Thanks for reading friends!

My Son’s Room: Wood Floors!

Way back in December, even before we tackled our daughter’s floors, we removed the grungy carpet from our son’s bedroom and gave it a dramatic facelift with new hardwood floors. Wood floors make all the difference! You can see this room in all its former carpeted glory and read all about it here.

Taking a cue from the new clean floors, I purged a ton of stuff and tried to keep the color palette cheerful but quiet and minimal. The walls are a very pale yellow-green, Behr Rainforest Dew, that I LOVE in real life but can photograph a little gross khaki. I rearranged the furniture again, trying to get a better flow, but am still unsure if all the layering is too much in the bed corner and all the blank space is too little in the chair corner. If nothing else, it’s cozy! I’m on the hunt for a different bed (this one is part of a set that we no longer need and I gotta clear space in the garage) and have halted further tweaking until then. For now, contentment and SO GLAD THE GROSS CARPET IS GONE!! Sources at the end…behr rainforest dew



walls – Behr Rainforest Dew | bamboo blinds – Amazon | curtains – DIY

bed and dresser – vintage | toyshelf – husband DIY | wall hooks – Amazon

chair – France & Son sold out (this is same?) | rug – Amazon

clock – similar | sconce – Jonathan Adler/Robert Abbey Havana | lamp – vintage

floors – Bellawood | fan – Discontinued Harbor Breeze Avian (other ideas here)


FYI, right now it looks nothing like this. The rug is shoved under the bed (eye roll) and legos cover every surface! I’m thankful for the proof that it was clean at least once. Thanks for reading everybody!!! xoxo Jenny