Spray Painting Ceiling Fans Again

mid century modern ceiling fan brass diy spray paint harbor breeze avianWe finally got around to putting up the ceiling fan in my youngest kid’s room, just in time for that heat wave thing. I spray painted this one just like I did its twin. (And then I painted this black fan too…) I’ve gotten a few questions about that process so here’s a few answers:mid century modern ceiling fan brass diy spray paint harbor breeze avianWould I recommend doing this? If you are gutsy and don’t care if you ruin your cheap fan, YES! If you are a perfectionist who will stalk me if things go bad, NO! For the most amazingly precious fan ever made that I planned to keep forever but wanted in a different but high quality finish…I’d pass. But for dressing up a basic fan for your kid’s room, there’s not a lot to lose in my opinion.mid century modern ceiling fan brass diy spray paint harbor breeze avianPaint? I used Rustoleum Specialty Metallic spray paint in gold. I’m not sure if it’s the best brassy tone out there, but it’s decent. It needs a few days to cure before install to avoid fingerprints, and even then it’s impossible to avoid all marks if installation gets hairy, which always seems to happen. Multiple coats are good! For this second fan I tried to get away with one but I regret my lazy choices.rustoleum specialty metallic gold spray paint Disassemble the fan parts before painting? Yes. A couple of screws are usually all that is holding the thing together so a little disassembly is worth it.
diy ceiling fan spray paint
Prep much? Probably. I did basically none for this second fan and it shows. I cleaned everything well but that’s it. Turns out, it was a bad day to be a half-asser. The installation turned sour and my paint job got scratched up during the process. Some sanding and priming (and more coats of paint) probably would have helped. Fan #1 was lightly sanded and held up better, but it also had an easier install (and more coats). The lesson here is that same as it always is: just do it right.mid century modern ceiling fan brass diy spray paint harbor breeze avianIf this is ending too abruptly and you need more ceiling fan talk, you can check out this post and this post for some of the better ceiling fan options I’ve found out there!


10 thoughts on “Spray Painting Ceiling Fans Again

  1. I have 2 of these same fans in my home, living room & dining.
    Best fan ever, purchased at Home Depot. We had not seen them in years,
    sad to hear they’re discontinued. You can’t beat the clean lines & efficiency
    of this model.


  2. How did you spray the part where the blades are attached? did you have to cover the fan blades so that the gold paint didnt get on them?


    1. Hi! We disassembled as much as we could before painting. The fan blades were removed. It’s usually pretty easy to break it down a little bit, and very worth the effort. Good luck! :)


  3. Hi Jenny…I have this ceiling fan and it doesn’t work anymore. I think I need a new capacitor. Do you have any information what model number this is?


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