Mellow, Yellow Boy Bedroom

This little room has seen so much neglect lately. It started as a guest room, was changed into our son’s room when we hastily decided to split up the bedroom my kids used to share, and shortly served as an actual place for sleeping until he defected to a mattress on the floor of his sister’s room. It has sat sadly semi-abandoned since, only being utilized as an auxiliary Lego building room and often looking like a tornado-devastated Lego factory. Any attempt at organization/clean up/design has been non-existent on my part. I finally got sick enough of seeing the disaster that I pulled it together a bit. I don’t have to see stress-inducing clutter and my son has a cute, functional space to call his own…though when it will serve as an actual BEDroom is unclear!
The basics of the room were already in place. The bed and toy shelf came from their old shared room, the Heywood Wakefield dresser from our room in the great dresser swap of 2016. The wall color (an old favorite: Behr Rainforest Dew), curtains (painted and hung on a bamboo rod from the nursery), and photos were all guest room relics, which I kind of anticipated keeping when this transitioned into his room. The stars aligned and his current favorite colors are green and yellow so everything worked and stayed. All I needed to do was rearrange and purge toys.
The sellout Eames rocker rip-off is the only thing I purchased. I haven’t acquired a real fiberglass chair yet so I did the dirty deed of buying this cheap repro. I feel gross about it, but not gross enough to forego because it makes the space. I almost went with this cheaper rocker, but I was worried it might be school bus yellow (not my thing) instead of a green-leaning chartreuse (totally my thing) so I tracked down this “olive” chair instead and paid a little extra for color assurance. Maybe these two are the exact same chair and I needlessly spent money, maybe not? The color isn’t what I call olive, but it is the exact shade of yellow I was expecting and looking for so I’m happy with the purchase. (Oh, and yes I’m crazy and painted the legs black legs, an obvious necessity for Eames rocking chairs…)I always get a lot of questions about this fan, so here’s a whole post all about it. The short of it is: I love this 2007 fan model so much (we used in a previous house) that I tracked down two on ebay and spray painted because I’m trashy.The photographs are from a series of miniature golf building photos I took long ago (#artdegree), most from what I will venture to say is America’s mini golf architecture apex, Camelot Golfland in Anaheim, which happens to be the mini golf course of my childhood (#blessed). They add a good amount of wacky for my mini golf loving boy who also loves building who also has a mom that wouldn’t at all be opposed to birthing a future wacky architect (#nopressure).


Eames rocker ripoff – France & Son  |  dresser and nightstand – vintage Heywood Wakefield

toy shelf – DIY  |  bed – vintage  |  curtains – DIY  |  bamboo shades – Lewis Hyman

wall hooks – similar, we sawed off the over the door part  |  painting – homeschool art project

clock – similar  |  lamps – vintage  |  Fan – Discontinued Harbor Breeze Avian (other ideas here)

I don’t think I’ve ever said this wonderful statement before in my life: there isn’t a to-do list left in this room, only a to-do item: install hardwood floors, maybe. BEST WONDERFUL STATEMENT! Now, who has tried Lego storage/organization solutions that work because we are buried over here. Thanks for reading! xoxo


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