Cute, Modern, and Cheap(er) Ceiling Fans

First off, I know I haven’t blogged in a month. Super lame. Sorry. I thought summer would be full of hours for house projects, but next to nothing happened. Very important things were accomplished, but none had anything to do with the house. We played board games, packed (and then unpacked) for trips, and half successfully taught 2 little humans to swim (so much harder than it sounds). The start of school never brings much relief either. Honestly, it induces panic and stress in me and every year I spend a week researching homeschool curriculum options because I hate having my kids away for hours every day while they sit and do worksheets at school. To add to that, my youngest started kindergarten this year and it has been an agonizing week for both of us. And now all I’m back with is….a ceiling fan post. My fragile and shredded self knows how to bring it.

If you remember, we don’t have air conditioning in the best town in the world because the weather, much like the people, is mellow and temperate. I heart SLO. There are usually only a few nights a year that require supplementation to the ocean breezes blowin’ through the window. Those nights happened to occur this week, just as our old gross master ceiling fan gave out, and really pushed me to make a quick decision and purchase. I debated skipping a fan in here when nothing jumped out at me and getting a huge rad light and a portable fan instead, but then I talked myself down from that cliff…no reason to live in discomfort just for the sake of design. “Good design” should intrinsically make your life better, not leave you dripping with sweat and dreaming of window air conditioning units. (Who am I kidding? Reasoning didn’t actually pushed me towards this decision. It was the until-now-not-noticed ceiling fan in this Jonathan Adler room. If it’s good enough for JA, it’s definitely good enough for grubby me.) Ceiling fans are hard because there are so few examples of amazingly designed rooms with fans. Designers either completely forego ceiling fans or go with the white on white…which to me seems like a cop out. If you are going to ceiling fan, at least own it and get a great looking one. The white isn’t fooling anybody into thinking there isn’t a fan up there, and usually just looks cheap, in my opinion.Jonathan Adler Bedroom Architectural Digest Shelter Island

I was really banking on there being a ton of great options in brass if I held off on purchasing a year or two after purchasing the house. Wrong. Ceiling fan designers: What are you even doing with your life? Ceiling fan design is still lagging even while other home products (faucets, lighting, hardware) have so many cute, modern brassy options right now. There’s some decent fans out there, but nothing like the goldmine of adorable and affordable light options out there today. So, the same as it ever is, the ceiling fan search was a lame task and I didn’t come up with anything I loved, like my other ceiling fans. I did find enough decent options where I had a choice, but every fan I considered involved some sort of painting on my part because the finishes weren’t right. I want brass or possibly a matte black metal with light maple or true walnut wood finish. There are a ton of great options in nickel or aluminum, but I’m stickin to brass since that is true to my house’s era. My only requirements were a workable wood tone (light maple to match our floors or a walnut to tie into furniture), a clean and interesting design and on the cheap side. Here are some of the contenders:mid century modern ceiling fan woodGE Phantom. $230. Real wood, good looking, clean lines, interesting, but not sure about the wood finish “Bourbon”.
mid century modern ceiling fanDesigner’s Choice Quattro. $250. LOVE the bullet shape, the nickel won’t work for my house but there’s also a wood and oil rubbed bronze option, but with an Elmwood wood finish. What does that even mean? This fan in all gold…YES!!! Ceiling fan designers?

mid century modern ceiling fan woodPossini Admiralty. $400. I would fully choose this one with its light real wood if it wasn’t 400.

mid century modern ceiling fanCasa Concourse. $200. Like it’s low profile. Reversible maple/walnut blades…the 2 wood finishes I am considering, so like that option. But maybe too choppy looking?mid century modern ceiling fan Modern Fan Ball. $316. Adorable and fun with a maple blade option on some sites, but pushing my budget. The Modern Fan Co. has so many good ones, but only in brushed aluminum or white.mid century modern ceiling fanHampton Bay Trusseau. $130. Like the shape and like the reversible maple/walnut blades.
mid century modern ceiling fanCasa Vieja Orbitor. $180. Can’t decide if it’s rad or lame. The questionable finish, called espresso, looks very different in different pics and is probably not right for my house…or is it?

One of these is shipping to us right now as I write. Let’s hope we (not the me part of we, though, just my husband) can get it installed before next August, even though the fire under our feet has now passed.




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