Coral Pink Bedroom Upgrades

Recently, we made some improvements to really finish up our daughter’s room. To get an idea of the before, see here, here and even here when it was originally our kids’ shared room. The room had a lot going for it already: generous size, lots of windows, best light, not to mention the biggest closet. The pink wasn’t … More Coral Pink Bedroom Upgrades

Dining Room Too

Hey everybody! We spent some time in lovely San Diego last week, where I said 1000 times “Ya, I could live here.” It’s going on my Ya I Could Live There List, joining San Luis Obispo (the place where I actually live and fully endorse) and Palm Springs (a questionable addition where 50% of me is … More Dining Room Too

Main Bathroom Stuff

Posting and projects have taken a temporary backseat while we figure out new homeschool routines so I’m checking in with a vague bathroom update today. No visible progress exists in the actual room to show, only visible deterioration, as we repeatedly run into dodgy and dangerous wiring additions. We’ve been patching repairs only to add new ones … More Main Bathroom Stuff

Dressing Room Update

Not a ton has changed in this little workhouse of a room, but I’m excited to share its cuteness after some small updates. Mainly, painted closet doors that took an embarrassingly long time to get around to (they made an appearance here), a semi-permanent home for the crying velvet Elvis of my dreams, and a functional little hook that has made … More Dressing Room Update

Kid Room #1 Plan

We’ve been kicking around ideas for my daughter’s room since the major kids’ room upheaval of 2016 and here’s a look at where we are headed! My girl’s only must-haves were pink (any shade) and gold somewhere in the room. How on trend of her! (Sorry, but this is a blush/rose gold free zone!) Other than those requirements, she doesn’t … More Kid Room #1 Plan

Goodbye Guest Room, Hello Separate Sibling Rooms

Hey everybody! I willingly skipped Modernism Week (!) for a relaxing weekend in Santa Cruz with my guy and a good concert instead. I have conflicting loyalties and the songs won out this time. Thanks Grandparents for the break!! We were wondering what other people do on their weekends away because we usually take in a band or two (hello … More Goodbye Guest Room, Hello Separate Sibling Rooms

Dining Room Freshness

Things are nearing completion and it feels darn good. The 70’s green floral wallpaper has been removed on one wall and replaced with grasscloth on the other, the putty walls and ceiling have been painted white, and I settled on the wood clock, nailing a second hole into the wall. Although it looks quite similar to the old room … More Dining Room Freshness

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Vintage Trailer

For years I thought I was this one thing (a frugal relaxed camper), but turns out I’m this other thing (a snobby hotel vacationer). I was confused because I hoard cute things. Long ago, before I should be thinking about such adult matters, I decided I wanted an old travel trailer BAD. Specifically a late 50’s/early 60’s Shasta. They … More The Pros and Cons of Owning a Vintage Trailer