Five Year House Tour

In honor of our sweet little 60’s ranch and five tumultuous years together, I’m sharing a whole house tour! I’ve never shared the whole place at once, mostly because we’ve been in constant project mode since moving in. But this summer we really pushed us to get our crap together and tie up a bunch of loose ends we’d been putting off. Stuff like baseboards. TV cords. General purging. And for the first time ever the house can pass as kind of done-ish! Our list of future improvements remains long, of course, but I’m thankful to finally be at an enjoyable, livable spot in this slow renovation.

To those of you plugging away at your homes too, I hope this encourages you to stay in the long game and put in the work and be hesitant to gut charming old houses and to think outside the box for furnishings and to most importantly be your true weird selves! We’ll all make our house dreams come true one day! (Me, with soooo much paint in my hair.)

On with the tour…I didn’t include our new exterior paint job, which I’ve yet to photograph but I love so much, or our main bath which remains a barf fest (though the carpet is gone so it’s a luxurious barf fest). I’ll link every room below.





blue bathroom

kid bedroom

kid bedroompink black interior bedroom girl room mid century modern tulip side table heywood wakefield kohinoor bed rugs USA keno moroccan shag rug nuloom

main bedroom

dressing room


front yard

Thanks for reading friends! I’ll be back in a few days with all the Halloween madness that I’ve piled all over this house! xoxo Jenny


10 thoughts on “Five Year House Tour

  1. I am completely entranced by your home’s aesthetics. It has authentic mid century touches and vibe, yet it feels freshly and simply modern. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Your home is awesome. I love the mid century modern look. Wow! What an amazing job you did. Every corner just exudes fresh and comfort. Love it! Congrats on having your home in a magazine! Well deserved! :)


  3. I love the stonework on your fireplace! Did come like that? Or did you do new stone facing on it? I would love make our cinderblock fireplace look like yours!


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